Top Professional Blackjack Players of All Time – Do You Know These Legends?

One of the most played casino games worldwide is blackjack. Blackjack is a 21-card game that requires a lot of time and effort to master, but it doesn’t take much talent to start playing.Even the most skilled blackjack players can earn a fantastic living from the game. However, very few of the best professional players are able to compete at a world-class level and earn a legendary reputation. Discover the best online casinos on and learn more about the top 5 professional blackjack players ever.

The MIT Blackjack Team

MIT’s blackjack team members have solidified their status as some of the greatest legends in the game, despite the fact that this wasn’t a single player but rather a collection of teammates.

Together, they used sophisticated blackjack techniques and card counting to outsmart casinos in a variety of settings across the globe.

They really gained a two percent advantage over the casino by using ace monitoring techniques in addition to card counting. The group gained so much popularity that it even drew in financiers who agreed to provide the funds in exchange for a cut of the winnings.

MIT Blackjack Team

The MIT blackjack squad was active for many years, from 1979 till the start of the twenty-first century. Since they were so successful, a lot of younger generations were motivated to create teams with the same objective of defeating the casinos.

Over the years, the MIT team under Bill Kaplan’s leadership made alliances and won enormous sums of money. This team consisted of at least seventy blackjack players at once, each playing a distinct role.

Even though the majority of their members were banned in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Bill Kaplan and his blackjack crew have cemented their reputation as some of the game’s most daring, brave, and outspoken legends.

Alice Walker

Alice Walker

Alice Walker is a blackjack legend and a trailblazer for all aspiring female players. She was the first female player to win the World Series of Blackjack in 2007.

Walker has played blackjack since she was three years old, thus this game has played a big part in her life.

Although Alice Walker enjoyed playing both blackjack and poker as a child, she chose to focus on the latter game for her professional gambling career.

Alice Walker has earned her spot in the Blackjack Hall of Fame with her numerous victories and significant tournament wins over the past fifteen years, even though she is still in her prime playing years and will undoubtedly have many more.

Alice Walker was successful at a different card game she enjoyed to play as a child, besides blackjack. She still plays poker now, having won a three-card poker tournament in 2006.

Thomas Hyland

Since 2002, Thomas Hyland has played blackjack professionally and been inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. He is a renowned card counter who has put together and run two extremely profitable blackjack teams.

Hyland and his initial group gained notoriety in Atlantic City in 1979, increasing their bankroll from $16,000 to $50,000 in a matter of months.

However, this was only the start for Thomas Hyland. Later in life, he relocated to Asia, then to Las Vegas. Before being taken into custody in 1994, Thomas Hyland amassed millions of dollars by using his sophisticated card counting skills.

When the judge decided that he and his team weren’t cheating with ace sequencing but were instead taking advantage of clever tactics, he was promptly freed.

Owing to his enormous success, Hyland was prohibited from playing in most casinos on the grounds that he might be counting cards. At the time, AC casinos were still permitted to implement this restriction.

Around this time, Hyland tried to enter the mansion he was barred from by dressing up as Santa Claus in order to get into an Atlantic City casino.

Thomas Hyland is still playing blackjack and running a blackjack team today, long into his seventies.

In blackjack, one of the most striking displays of resilience is the lifespan of Hyland’s teams. While most blackjack teams fold after a few years of fleeting success, he was able to win with just two teams for more than 40 years.

Kerry Packer

Since Kerry Packer is regarded as one of the greatest blackjack players of all time in terms of sheer skill, his victories are widely known.

He made headlines in 1995 when he played eight hands at several tables in Las Vegas. In addition, he wagered $250,000 per hand and won twenty straight. Few blackjack players can make a claim like this.

He won who knows how much money at blackjack, but he also suffered a couple significant losses. Packer has a net worth of several billion dollars, making him one of Australia’s most influential media owners of the previous century.

Kerry Packer

He therefore had enough cash on hand to support high-stakes gaming and absorb large losses during losing streaks in blackjack.

He even had his own blackjack room at the Ritz Hotel in London, which was one of his favourite spots to play. Packer once said that he had lost more than $25 million in this room.

Despite the tumultuous highs and lows throughout his career, Packer is regarded as one of the most courageous blackjack players in history. He had no problem taking chances to increase his chances of striking it rich.

Ken Uston

Ken Uston

The idea of “team play” in this game was made popular by Ken Uston, even if the MIT blackjack team and other gambling teams may have mastered the strategy.

In the early and middle 1970s, Ken Uston was undoubtedly one of the greatest blackjack card counters at the height of his abilities. During this time, Ken Uston made millions of dollars by using his maths and strategy skills.

Ken Uston was promptly barred from the majority of the biggest casinos in the world because of his ostentatious look and notable success at every casino he entered.

That didn’t stop him from playing, though. In order to hide his identity, Uston would later play in casinos by donning a variety of clothing and costumes.

He had yet another important effect on the game. Ken Uston filed a well-known lawsuit against the US casinos that had blacklisted him after he was prohibited from playing at most of them. Following his court victory, casinos swiftly altered their policies to allow for more than one deck in an effort to dissuade card counters and raise the house margin.