Calgary Food Bank Hampers Soon Include Locally Hunted Game

Calgary Food Bank Hampers Soon Include Locally Hunted Game

Calgary has always been a city with an evolving palate. Whether you’re searching for traditional fare or something more adventurous, the local food scene never disappoints. But with a new initiative, the Calgary Food Bank is taking things up a notch. They’re not only ensuring that families in need get food; they’re making sure it’s diverse and culturally significant. Let’s take a deep dive into this exciting move by the Food Bank.

Calgary’s Rich Hunting Tradition

Calgary's Rich Hunting Tradition

Calgary, located near the Rockies, has a longstanding tradition of hunting. For many locals, hunting isn’t just a sport—it’s a way of life and an essential means of procuring food.

The Past Meets the Present

Historically, the indigenous peoples of this region relied heavily on hunting for sustenance. The majestic elk, bison, and deer roamed these parts in abundance. Today, while the landscape has changed, hunting remains an integral part of Calgary’s culture. Many families still venture into the wilderness, not just for the thrill, but also to bring back fresh game.

Sustainability and Health

You might wonder, “Why game meat?” Well, locally hunted game is not only fresher but also leaner and more nutritious than commercial meat. They’ve roamed free, aren’t pumped with hormones or antibiotics, and their diet is natural. It’s a nod to the days of old, when food was clean, green, and unprocessed.

The Initiative: From Forest to Food Bank

So how did this brilliant idea come into existence? The story is as fascinating as the concept itself.

Connecting the Dots

Many local hunters found themselves with excess meat. Instead of letting it go to waste, some savvy minds had a eureka moment. Why not donate it to the Food Bank? Not only would it be put to good use, but it would also introduce a whole new source of nutrition to those who need it most.

Safety First

Of course, when you’re dealing with food, especially meat, safety is paramount. All donated game undergoes rigorous checks. From ensuring the game was hunted ethically to checking for disease, the Food Bank leaves no stone unturned.

How Will This Change Affect Calgary’s Needy?

This isn’t just about adding a different kind of meat to the menu. It’s about cultural inclusion, health benefits, and sustainability.

A Taste of Home

For many indigenous families and those with a hunting background, game meat isn’t just food—it’s a piece of their identity. By including this in the hampers, the Food Bank ensures they’re not just feeding stomachs but also souls.

Beyond Nutrition

While the nutritional benefits of game meat are well-documented, there’s more to this story. Hunting is sustainable. By encouraging local hunting (done ethically and responsibly), Calgary reduces its carbon footprint. Fewer trucks hauling meat across vast distances, fewer factories, and fewer emissions—it’s a win-win!

The Larger Picture: A Model for Other Cities?

Calgary has always been a trailblazer in many ways. Could this be another feather in its cap?

Lessons to Learn

By integrating locally hunted game into Food Bank hampers, Calgary has shown that it’s possible to marry tradition with need. If this initiative takes off, it could become a model for other cities around the world.

A Ripple Effect?

Only time will tell if other regions will sit up and take notice. But if they do, imagine a world where local resources are harnessed efficiently, traditions are respected, and the needy are provided for—in more ways than one.

Embracing Change and Moving Forward

Change is never easy. But when it comes with so many potential benefits, it’s hard to ignore. Calgary’s bold move to incorporate locally hunted game into Food Bank hampers is an experiment. An experiment in sustainability, inclusivity, and hope. It’s a step forward, and for many, a step back into cherished memories.


Note: Always ensure that any game meat you consume, especially if you’re hunting yourself, is safe and ethically sourced.